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Agricultural Real Estate Appraisals

Agriculture is a unique industry and requires a specialized appraisal process.

Typically, in the Thompson Nicola Region, our primary focus in determining a farm’s current market value is on the attributes of the land, such as soil quality, cultivatable acres, access, easements and topography. We realize that the value of a farm goes beyond that of the land. The timber, barns, stables, silos, pens, coops and other structures, including the homes present on the land, also factor into its value. So does potential value for further use of the land.

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When do you Need an Agricultural Appraisal?

In addition to the more obvious reasons such as selling the property or litigation, a farm appraisal can be useful in subdividing land, using the land as collateral for financing, during estate planning, or even when considering future uses for the land.

Benefits to our Clients

Our appraisal services are efficient, built on trust and enable you to make informed decisions.

We work diligently to fulfill appraisal requests promptly.

We fully understand the market conditions where we operate.

We continually update our database with the latest market information.

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