The Appraisal Institute of Canada is the national professional organization that designates, and represents professional real estate appraisers, and valuation consultants nationwide. In this respect, it is responsible for a number of areas on behalf of the profession.

Career Awareness and Promotion
The Institute undertakes initiatives to promote the profession and to raise awareness of the career opportunities available within the industry.

Professional Standards, and Designation
The Institute is responsible for awarding the AACI, P.App, and CRA designations to members who meet its quality standards of professional practice, adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics, and submit to a peer-driven discipline and enforcement process.

It is also responsible for developing and maintaining the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice to ensure the public is protected and that Institute members are well served.

All our current staff members hold the AACI, P.App Designation which allows us to value all types of properties.

The Institute conducts research and publishes studies, technical and professional papers to raise the level of technical knowledge, and to support the profession with respect to human resources planning.

The Institute, in cooperation with the University of British Columbia develops, and maintains a Professional Program of Study leading to the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate and designation as an AACI, P.App, or CRA.

Career Development/Continuing Education
The Institute also develops educational and professional resources in support of professional skills improvement and career growth for its members.

As the national organization that represents professional appraisers nationwide, the Institute undertakes initiatives and delivers programs aimed at increasing awareness nationally, and internationally of the appraisal profession in Canada, and of the Institute’s role in protecting the public interest by ensuring high standards of professional real estate and related property advisory services.

Professional and Member Services
The Institute supports its members with respect to services such as professional liability insurance, and products and services in support of their professional activities.